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------------------------------------------------ Notice: There are 100 more sound effects in the Pro version than in this free version. Check it carefully. The price of 100 sound effects is usually $4.99, now get them in Pro version for ONLY 99 cents. ------------------------------------------------ You don't want to miss this version! -- In this version, 800 new sound effects in 9 categories were added, including very popular sound effects, like: #dead_giveaway#, #bed-intruder-song#, #achmed-dead-terorist#, #achmed-flymch# #mr-bean# and other 800 more sound effects with #real photos#. --------------------------------------------- Sound Effects Pro Best-selling app in many countries. $3.99-->0 for very limited time! Get this app before price rise! I present to you this Ultimate Sound Effects App! It plays 920+ variations of sound effects with real photos, such as sounds of: -Girl's Deep Breath -Fart -AlarmBeep -AlarmBurglar -ClockBeep -ClockBell -SmokeDetect -Warning -AlienTalk -Arrow Impact Human -Balloon Squeak -Bell -Bicycle Bell Ring -Biplane -Blender -Boxing Bell Ring -Bullet -Switch Gear -Buzzer Button -Cash Register -Cat Meow -Cell Ringtone -Child Laugh -Cow Moo -Crash Auto -Deep Breath -Door Knock -Drill Electric -Truck Horn -Fire Truck Siren -Goat -Kart -Goose -Explosion -MachineGun -Rifle -HandSaw -Helicopter -Bike Horn -Cruise Ship Horn -Horse Neigh -Burp -Cry -Fart -Gargle -Kiss -Spit -Jet -Laser -LaserGun -Lightning Bolt -Moan -Scream -Merry Xmas -Metal Detector -Monkey Colobus -Dinosaur -Monster Growl -Morse Code -Motorcycle -Ninja Star Throw -Laugh -Party Favor Noise -Pc Keyboard -Pig -Handcuffs -Scanner -Sheep -Spaceship -Telephone Speaker -Time Melody Clock -Toilet Flush -Train Whistle -TruckHorn -Whip -Whoosh -Women Scream -Xylophone -Aardwolf -Bear -Cicada -Cobra -Crocodile -Dolphin -Donkey, -Eagle -Fox -Gibbon -Monkey -Lemur -Parrot -Penguin -Peacock -Pig -Pigeon -Rhino -Seagull -Tiger -Wolf -Cat -Cicada -Cock -Cow -Dolphin -Duck -Frog -Goat -Hen -Horse -Insects -Mosquito -Owl -Turkey -Jaguar ... ...... and many more other sounds. ----------------------------------- Also, please give this app a nice review and we will keep on updating this app. Additional information - Easy to use. - Fun to play with. - Original and Loud sounds. - You can listen to your favorite sounds all the time What's new? -- In this new version, 800 sound effects in 9 categories were added, including: Sound Effects 2, Sound Effects 3, DJ&Remix Sound Effects, Funny Sound Effects, Human Sound Effects, Ringtones Sound Effects, SMS&Alerts Sound Effects, Gun&Machines Sound Effects, Nature Sound Effects.
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