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Naval War: Arctic Circle is a real-time strategy (RTS) game where the player commands modern naval and aerial forces against an AI player or other players over a local network or the internet. First, the subject matter. There are many modern warfare games, there are a few old (WWII) naval strategy games, but modern naval war is strongly underrepresented in gaming. Second, the type of play. We strive for realism in our units, which means major platforms have many different weapons and capabilities. A warship is in a sense more like an army division than a single land unit. Unlike typical RTS games, units will also be able to shoot much further than they can see. This makes for a high-tension play experience where deception, scouting and counter-scouting are crucial for victory. Thirdly, the scale and place. Your map is the same map you see in an atlas. You wage war over the entire North Atlantic region.
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