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Painkiller: Redemption is an add-on released in February 25, 2011, as a downloadable game. Similarly to Overdose, the new expansion pack was originally a mod, created by a small group of fans under the label Eggtooth. It features new heavy metal soundtrack, better graphics, and 6 levels with nearly 6000 enemies to kill. Redemption continues the story of the series, featuring the return of Daniel Garner and Belial, both as playable characters. The development team promises a free post-release support for the game, which may include DLCs with multiplayer, co-op, or a new single-player chapter. Eggtooth Team didn't create any new content, so the new maps are the ones originally used in multiplayer, and all monsters are taken from previous Painkiller installments, including the final boss, who uses the model of King Alastor from Battle Out of Hell.
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