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UPDATE: The Metal Gear Remake was a fan-made project which was cancelled by MGS publisher Konami. The year is 1995, 200 miles north of Galzburg, South Africa. Here, an armed forces nation calling itself "Outer Heaven" had declared itself an independent nation. What caught the eyes of the rest of the world was the rumor that a new type of weapon was under construction here. To remedy the situation, a special forces unit named "Fox-Hound" under the command of Big Boss, named the greatest warrior who ever lived, was called upon. Big Boss sent the unit's best man- Gray Fox, the codename "Fox", being given to the best member in the unit. However after a while, Gray Fox stopped reporting in, his last message being simply "Metal Gear.." Under increasing pressure, Big Boss sent another member of the unit, the newly appointed Solid Snake.
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