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The Princess' Heart tells the story of a young princess who must travel the world to win her beloved's heart back.
Princess Aerin Goldheart suspects that her prince is sharing the bed with another woman. After once again becoming intoxicated and making a scene, the King and Queen send her away to a forest cottage. Aerin sneaks off to sign a contract with the Demon of Desire to make the prince love her again, but things go awry and she must travel the world to break the deal!
Enjoy over 30 hours of classic Role-Playing gameplay! The Princess' Heart takes you back in time with a touching story of unrequited love, a medieval setting and timeless graphics.
With 10 exciting playable characters, you can play any way you like. The innovative battle system is simple yet strategic and spells have an area of effect, so you must choose your targets wisely. Travel through a vast world of traditional settings: deserts, sky cities, fire caves, mazes and more.
Help Aerin free her soul fro
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