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Horror Legends is asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game with cat and mouse game play that is heavily inspired by the B-horror movie formula. Surprise is key to the game’s design; so players will in secrete, select from a large roster of characters all with there own strengths, weaknesses, and equipment. One player will select from a list of monsters and killers we have dubbed “Legends” and the other three will select from a list of potential heroes and victims we have dubbed the “Cast“. Like the Cast member with the big gun? Well, better hope you are fighting a Legend that is affected by bullets or you will have to improvise if you want to survive. Selecting the right character can be a gamble so choose wisely! The environment plays a key point in the games design as well. All the environments for Horror Legends will be inspired by our favorite horror movie seniors. Will Punkie be lurking at his farmhouse or will you decide to jump the shark and go to space! Mixing and matchin
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