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Venturi features fast paced and rewarding combat, a deep and evolving story that you shape as you play, and arena style multiplayer that will test your tactical skills. Build a loyal party to venture with you while you explore the massive galaxy, alive with intelligent AI controlled denizens with their own schedules and goals. The galaxy is full of mystery and secrets for you to find.
The game is all about choice. Outfit your spacecraft and your party with a large selection of customization. As you play, you’ll find and unlock different weapons, devices, and abilities to give you the upper hand in battle.
Quests are dynamic, with multiple paths and choices; replay them for different outcomes and rewards. You can help a race overcome its enemy, or betray and destroy them, or deceive and steal everything they’ve worked for. Feel free to explore your options. Using the Venturi Device, you can reset the game world at will! Learn the schedules of your allies and enemies to exploit them.
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