Poharex : The Second Invansion packshot image
Bite your way through advancing armies and thwart the alien invasion! Based on the long-running "Poharex" web series, "Poharex: The Second Invasion" is a free
indie platformer that combines high-quality graphics with fast-paced, action-oriented gameplay, inspired by the platformer classics of the 1990's.
Features: (full version)
Defeat a wide variety of enemies, ranging from prehistoric reptiles to alien monstrosities- each with its own attacks, patterns and weaknesses.
Run, jump, swim and dive through twelve different worlds, both natural and artificial, rendered with excellent hand-drawn graphics.
Use teeth and roars, but also mind and reflex with Poharex's unique battle mechanism.
Collect the energy orbs through the normal levels as well as the five challenging-but-rewarding bonus levels.
Upgrade your abilities by finding the eight types of auras scattered throughout the game.
Fight your way to the very end, with a boss battle in every level.
Stand up to the ultimate challenge in P
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