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FATHOM is a fast paced submarine strategic combat game where you’ll need quick reflexes, piloting skills, sound strategies, and tactical leadership to survive. Bringing a unique combination of First-Person-Shooter (FPS) and Real-Time-Strategy (RTS), FATHOM is primarily a multi-player game, but will initially offer some game modes that can be played offline, and ultimately hopes to expand into a truly immersive single player experience. Take control of a Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) and prepare for battle. Use beacons to call down structures from the sea surface and layout your base of operations to begin your campaign. Construct units and command your fleet into the heart of your enemy’s base! Set up blockades of deployable turrets and mines to defend strategic locations from your enemies. Call to the planet surface for depth charge bombardments or bring huge capital ships to bear in an all-out epic war beneath the waves!
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