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"The times are unstable. The outcome is bleak. It wasn't supposed to go like that. We didn't want this. When I saw on TV that the OSMI acquired the mines I cheered... everyone cheered. People came from all over the galaxy, it was so joyful. New cities emmerged from deserted grounds overnight, new families settled in everyday, Keranain hadn't been that lively for a century. Hell, even when we were the third imperial colony, it wasn't that great. With the brand new satellites and all the technology, we had 16 hours of sunlight a day and amenities we couldn't have dreamt of.
But the greed...drove them mad. The tales started to circulate about the violence and the oppression... noone wanted to believe it. But I saw it. The destruction. The slaughter. The corpses left there, the laser burnt flesh made the air smell of blood and dirt. I can still smell it, and feel the ashes in my eyes. It was revolting. So much death... and their screams of despair, I heard them too.
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