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The world of Ada is torn apart by war. Three great nations fight against each other for the domain of all Ada. The Amaidians in the north east, past the great cliffs, have established their domain near the salty water, where they've built great castels and high towers for thousands of years. Recently they've lost their belief in the lesser gods in order to embrace the Sacred Flames's cult. From the other side of the world the Hekthons have putted down their tents on the great plains millenniums ago, at the times of the first men. They are leaded by different warchiefs, but every tribe follows the Great Warchief. He is one of the few links that keeps all the tribes together. And recently from the ashes of Devros, a new threat has been awakened by the Exiled One: the Armies of Devros. They devour everything that stand in their ways. The Exiled One wants to rule all over Ada, and destroy his old enemies of Amaidia.
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