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spaceRPG is an Action RPG with a focus on destructible and interactive environments. The retro 2D look and simple interface sit atop a deep game full of items and objects to collect and interact with, weapons to fire, NPCs to talk to and enemies to vanquish. NPCs will live their own lives independent of your movements and carry out day to day tasks while the deep story-line progresses. Combat is party based and real-time, but pause-able so commands can be issued to party members for those who enjoy a more sedate experience. The vision for spaceRPG is a universe that feels limitless and alive, where every inch can be explored, beds moved, NPCs interacted with, furniture and walls destroyed in combat, ships flown (indeed!) and as much coolness as we can shoehorn in. To accommodate this rich world we are focusing on immersion and game play rather than looks and effects - plus I come from a gaming era where Countdown to doomsday and Megatraveller were the gold standard for sci-fi RPGs.
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