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After a cataclysmic global war, civilisation lies in ruins. It is the first year after the apocalypse. It is Year Zero…
Lead a vicious band of marauders in a post-apocalyptic tactical battle game. Build your base, upgrade your troops then raid and pillage other players for precious resources. All raids are real time against real people in a turn based war game Set in the same universe as the ground breaking game Year 0 but this time you get to play the marauders that were ever a constant plague to the bunker dwellers. Essential resources are scarce in this post-apocalyptic wasteland and as the leader of a bunch of survivors you need to build a base and then raid other people to progress.
In-game opponents are real people who are looking for the exact same things as you – resources and upgrades. You’ll need to manage those resources, plan out a strategy and fight hard to be able to survive. If you are a fan of other tactical combat games such as XCOM, Total War, Advance Wars even
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