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Judgement is a real-time colony simulation with tactical combat. The game takes place following judgement day, when all hell broke loose on earth.?

Demons, ghosts, vampires, they all used to be myths and legends, hiding in plain site. Not anymore. Now they are out in the open, waging war against what is left of humanity.

You play a group of survivors who managed to escape this mayhem. They set up base camp in the wilderness, where you will indirectly control their daily routine of gathering, building, researching and crafting their way to salvation.

The game takes place in your main colony, but in order to survive you will have to send your colonists on missions to scout the surrounding area, scavenge for supplies and rescue additional survivors. During tactical combat you have direct control of the colonists. Make use of cover, flanking tactics and special items and abilities to defeat your enemies under overwhelming odds.
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