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Junkcraft Armada
Junkcraft Armada is a 2d modular spaceship game, build/design your ship while you play, explore, escort or help other ships, exterminate pirates and use the remaining modules as part of your ship or recycle them for parts for upgrades or repairs with more than 20 different module types, and many different environments that affect how you maneuver and survive, black holes, white holes and many other space anomalies, choose the power distribution of your ship between weapons, shields, thrusters, tractor beams, and many other modules.
The game is physics driven so expect things to behave like in space, you just drift in space, mass of modules and many other factors affect how your ship fly and how fast it can accelerate. Many different weapons like energy weapons and kinetic weapons with limited ammo/missiles/torpedos, and only one life expect to have a though time trying to get to the end, get your command center destroyed and you are done.
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