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This game is a RPG mix game for PC.There are some of the feature listed bell
Factions in Battle Brothers
In Battle Brothers you face off against a wide variety of factions, each with unique units, equipment, skills, tactics and AI. To prevail you have to constantly adapt and think on your feet.
Undead (Implemented)
The undead are long deceased bodies and remainders of once living creatures brought back to life by dark powers. The creatures of the undead faction are numerous and vary in combat ability, tactics and equipment. The body of their forces is usually compromised of zombies and skeletons but they also field elite troops like heavily armored fallen heroes, incorporeal lost souls and powerful reanimated lords. The undead often appear with a leader that is directing their soulless and mindless bodies in the right direction. This can be a necromancer, still a human being but corrupted by sinister powers, a vampire lusting for the blood of the living, or something even worse
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