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in a land quiet far from Normandy!... in another world... there is a man named "Teflon junior the third... SENIOR! this man... holds a key... NOT JUST ANY KEY DON'T BE ALL "So what i have a pair of keys... AND A FREAKING CAR!" no... this key is a key to a kingdom... but this man is corrupt you see... but that's not important right now... the important part is "Why the heck is this guys name Teflon junior the third SENIOR!" and "Why is Normandy related?" well, you see Teflon father was Teflon the junior the second and his father was Teflon the first... so when his father added junior to his name he decided to add senior to his sons name... anyway... the reason Normandy is related is because... NORMANDY! NORMANDY! NORMANDY! NORMANDY!... anyway in this kingdom there is a house, and in this house... is... well... you... who else would it be Nimrod... who do you think im talking to here? myself? anyway it is you in this house and your destiny... is about to start!.
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