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The planet Opulentium
is a hotly contested world; it harbours unprecedented amounts of the precious thermo-nuclear fuel, Helium-3. Fighting for mastery of this war torn world are 4 factions: The Terra Firma - representatives of the old Earth government; the Callidus - a technological superpower; the Avaritia - multi-trillion credit, mining corporation; and the Mutari - a rogue AI race, hell-bent on fuelling its new, hungry war machine.Opulentium is an attempt to blend elements of shooter gameplay with strategy, where players will colonise maps with factories, resource extractors and defensive positions, whilst leading armies to eradicate enemies, attempting to secure precious Helium-3. The game will focus on AI mechanics and unique environments, as well as tackling the difficulty of managing an RTS style base system in the 3rd person.Opulentium is currently in prototype phase; as it is a highly ambitious idea, a lot of time will
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