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Your name is Gary Wilson and you just moved to rapture for the New Years party, you at first are not allowed inside the famous "Kashmir Restaurant." But once you put on a mask and pretend to be a model working for Sander Cohen you are allowed in. You then order Matbucha from the menu and it is then delivered to you, you enjoy the meal you were given and you are thinking about your wife and your two children whom you are about to meet Ryan's Amusements in 30 minutes, one is a girl and one is a boy. You are about to finish your meal until an explosion is heard, you are hit by a splicer and knocked out! You find yourself in a different place in rapture, it's 1959, 2 weeks later, the civil war is now at full swing! You must now find your family though the hell that was once rapture and get the heck out of there.... somehow......Triva about game:It was originally going to be made in unity but it was going to take too loud.
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