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The year is 2113. Technology, far from ushering in a golden age, has altered what it means to be human. And allowed greedy corporations to virtually enslave humanity under the yoke of consumerism and mass media. You are a ‘runner’, an agent operating outside the system, fighting to survive and thrive in the cracks between the shining towers of chrome and steel.
You take on the illicit, high-risk jobs that the powers-that-be need deniability on. Whether it’s hacking a secure data server, extracting a defecting researcher from a corporate enclave or sabotaging a rival corp’s manufacturing plant, you’ll take it on if the money’s right.
System Crash is a cyberpunk CCG (Collectible Card Game) with an engaging story line, coming early 2014 to PC/Mac/Linux.
Card duels represent ‘runs’, high-risk contracts from shadowy clientele. You are the run’s ‘controller’, the brains, the man or woman organizing and directing the run. To achieve your goal you need to accumula
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