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Immerse yourself in a living world through the eyes of a cat, survive against nature and foes. Leap into the face of danger riddled with excitement while fending off a vast range of other animals. Build a reputation for yourself, make allies and mark your territory.

In Feral you are a natural born stray cat who is found and adopted into a home, although the life of a family cat is no life for you, you're a viscous killer with wild instincts. Your initial goal upon starting the game is to escape the house and venture into freedom, upon leaving the house the world is your oyster. Experience everything through the eyes of a cat, think up unique strategies to help you in battle, capture the feeling and emotion of a stray cat out on the street.

We want to bring you a true and real experience without any boredom. The world will be jam packed with hundreds of non linear side missions and random events and also a main story line that you may choose to follow. Missions are complete
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