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The prophecy has foretold:
"When the emperor is slain by his own blood, the Empire of all races will fall
and when usurpers wage war for the throne, then the King of the Undead will awaken
and the world will hang in the balance of the One"
There once was the Empire, that united all the races of humans, elves and beast. The world was prosperous and peaceful. The emperor, Haakon, was a rightous and benevolent ruler. But like all good things, it will end. The emperor bore three known sons. Theras, the strong and powerful warrior. Sothis, the deceitful and scheming marksman. Arwin, the knowledgable mage and tactician. As the three sons grew older, they hungered for their father's power, so they schemed to end his life. They slain their father and the sons argued for long who of them was worthy of inherit the Empire. They decided to split the Empire into three parts, but the agreement didn't last long. The three sons wanted to rule supreme and so the world was inevitably dragged into a s
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