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"When I look up at night, all I see is a limit. A dark sea, lit by unknown guardians, warning us to stay away. Forcing us to submit to the challenges and torture of everyday life. I just can't take it anymore. I know I sound melodramatic right now, but... that's why you love me, right?"
And that night, I found her strung up on a tree, swinging softly in the breeze, with a bittersweet smile on her face.
"Lights" is a story about love, depression, and inevitability. You play as Troy, a young man suffering from bipolar disorder who takes a turn for the worse when his fiancee unexpectedly commits suicide. His night terrors become increasingly more frightening and complex, until one night he is tossed into the most soul-revealing nightmare he's ever experienced...
This is a first person horror puzzle experience with an emphasis on story and creating an engrossing, creepy atmosphere. Eventually, you'll come to realize that the darkest dungeons aren't found in the wilderness. In fact
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