Hoard: Dynamite Roll! packshot image
HOARD: Dynamite Roll DLC pack is full of new and exciting content that any self-respecting dragon should own! Hours of new treasure-hoarding joy are included:
* 9 new maps, including more co-op maps: Team up to break through the arcane defenses of Artillery and keep enemies at bay in Rampart! Compete for scraps on Splits, and bathe yourself in gold in Giant Problem.
* Bomb Wagons: the enterprising villagers have started shipping wagons full of fireworks between towns. Light their fuses and use them to blow up enemies…but watch out for your own hide!
* Bumper Crops: valuable crops will sometimes grow. Burn them down and collect the cash before they disappear!
* Bell-towers: a new town building. Burn it down to reveal a Heal Powerup!
* Heal Powerups: instantly regain full health and surprise your enemies!
* 11 New Achievements that will test your skills as a dragon! Can you take out two knights with a single bomb wagon to earn Simultaneous Attack? Put all that tree burning to good use with Woodburn.
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