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On the icy surface of a forgotten planet stand ruined tombs where immortals sleep. While sleepless warriors roam the halls with their minds eroded by eternity, a lone Awakewalker emerges from cryosleep. With no memory of their past, it’s up to them to forge their future, discover the planet’s mysteries, and find a way out of this icy hell.

Fight against challenging enemies with complex behaviours while exploring levels built around single checkpoints. Gather Experiences from fallen enemies to upgrade your character. Fight and die repeatedly, but never lose progress by recovering Experiences lost upon death. Explore the world to discover the story and find many items, spells and weapons that will give you an edge against demanding boss enemies.

Souls-like Progression: Recover Experiences lost upon death and use them to upgrade your character. Customize your playstyle with dozens of items and spells.

Methodical Combat: Patience and focus are much more important than reflexes. Block, dodge and tackle enemies while managing your stamina. You can see enemy stamina and exploit it to stun them when they are exhausted.

Tight Level Design: Levels are designed around single checkpoints from which you explore the area around it. Levels feature many unlockable shortcuts so you are always progressing no matter what.

Intense Bossfights: Every level features a powerful boss enemy. Fights with these enemies are multi-stage struggles that are a real test of skill and determination.
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