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Basically, Cleopatra picks up where Pharaoh left off and lets you take command of Egypt's dynastic line though four new campaigns. The first campaign, Valley of the Kings puts you in charge of building huge new tombs, carved into the faces of the cliffs that surround your city. Once you've got 'em built, you'll also have to work very hard to make sure that the local tomb robbers don't crack into them and steal all of the supplies for the journey into the underworld that you have stocked them with. Once you've made it through these beginning missions (and as the easiest of the lot, they're not all that easy), you'll be ready to move on to Ancient Conquerors, several missions putting you against the worst of Egypt's enemies (the fight with the Hittites took me forever to beat).As if fighting off all these invaders wasn't bad enough, you'll also have to keep your cities stocked with all the niceties of an advanced civilization.
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