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Boog is a 900-pound bear who lives a luxurious life in his owner Ranger Beth's garage, and is the star of the town Timberline's nature show. In a dream, Boog chases after a giant version of his teddy bear Dinkleman, but soon wakes up, and is woken by Ranger Beth, who takes him to the town center for Boog's performance. Beth finds that Shaw, the town's nastiest hunter has already hunted a buck(open season is about 3 days away) and goes in the center to confront him. The buck wakes up and introduces himself, his name being Elliot. Boog reluctantly frees him, and Shaw vows revenge on Boog. That night, Elliot decides to "free" Boog in return. He manages to lure him to the convenience store, where they finish all the chocolate bars(Elliot calls them Woo-Hoo! bars) there, but they are discovered and knocked down with a tranquilizer gun and brought to the forest. There, Elliot claims that he knows how to get back to Timberline, and Boog follows him.
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