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The game is also structured like Big Brain Academy in that puzzles are divided into four separate categories: Logic, Math, Visual, and Focus; the Xbox Live Arcade version, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, Nintendo DS and PC add a fifth category, Memory. The puzzles can be played at three difficulty levels, and more complex puzzles are unlocked through a player's progression through the game.Many of the puzzles are similar to those from both Big Brain Academy and Brain Age. For example, Balance shows different objects on scales, and the player must determine from the relationships on the scales which is the heaviest object.In the Trout Route test, the player must follow a path based on the progressive numerical relationship given (i.e. +2, -3, etc.)Travelling requires the player to memorize a route of arrows, while Ascending has the player determining the order of a group of objects from least to most in amount.
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