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*This game is currently in early alpha. System Requirements are for the early alpha version of the game, and will be revised as they change* Now, almost 15 years after that first warning announcement, we are pleased to be able to give advanced notification to all those of a nervous disposition that the Carmageddon racers are back. And just for the record – the break hasn’t done anything to improve their road manners.
Today, the team who developed that first game have finally been reunited with their creation. Carmageddon has come home.
Stainless Games is in the early stages of designing the next instalment of the Carmageddon series; Carmageddon: Reincarnation. As the game develops, you’ll be able to follow progress in the Blog. Today, you can read some of Batwick’s ramblings… he doesn’t make much sense, but it’s better than a blank page. Coming soon, nobby will be posting his own blog entry about the awesome concept artwork that's setting the tone for the new game.
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