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Darkness was all around and the waves faded out onto the dry land where Chaos was born. It wasn't easy to look for any signs of life on this huge continent. One day, a huge gem struck the heart of the continent like lightning. After the incident, the continent was never the same. All the plants that were once dead became alive again, and abundant green life started to sprout in the bare, dry land. The ocean became alive, and soon an abundant river flowed into the forests. The peaceful wind brought life back onto the land.
The land had changed into a blessed place where a prosperous life began to grow. Just as people and animals began to appear, a breath of life seemed to emanate from the gem. The gem would shine and glisten on its own and spread the aura of life all around.
The gem was admired and people started to call it "El". And soon the continent was named "Elrios" after the admirable El.
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