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About The Good Life:
Play a game of a life you can't live and a place you can't go !
The Good Life, a Tropical Paradise Simulation, is a game that captures the spirit of a laid-back lifestyle in a visually stunning 3D tropical environment. Travel around with an impressive array of luxury vessels, while managing tourist campaigns and real estate business and completing missions on your way to becoming the area’s top tycoon.
The story
Like so many, Derek Hales is fed up and is dreaming about ditching the nine-to-five lifestyle. When he learns that his late uncle made him the sole heir of “Carpe Diem Boats”, a boating company on the tropical complex of the Jo Jo islands, he doesn’t hesitate for a second. A new life awaits ! After a long voyage, he and his striking girlfriend Michelle Joyce finally arrive at their destination, enjoying the beautiful sunrise, with a Boating Company of their own. Compared to the dull office life, this new life looks much better.
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