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1916 World War One. A young American soldier called Simon Bukner joins the Allied Army and soon experiences the horrors of war first hand. But he quickly realises that the Germans aren?t the only threat. A greater evil is lurking beneath the battlefields and trenches of the Great War: an ancient but secret war between vampires and demons, which has begun to spill into our world. Thrust into the middle of this supernatural conflict, Bunker must fight to save humanity from the forces of darkness and choose an unlikely alliance to bring the war to an end.
NecroVisioN is first-person shooter that takes places in a varied range of locations, from the horrific and bloody trenches of World War One, to secret labs and underground caverns plagued by gruesome undead creatures. You must battle through legions of German soldiers and hideous monsters, as you venture future into this terrible underworld. Inspired by infamous horror writer H. P. Lovecraft, the story blends historically accurate locations and weapons, with nightmarish creations.
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