The Dead Linger packshot image
Too long has the zombie genre been tainted — infected, if you will — with the invincible survivor, the invisible wall, and the non-threatening ghoul. But no more. You will learn to truly survive the relentless dead. Alone, or with those closest to you, the future of this world is in your trembling hands.
It is not another one of the mindless stories you’ve been told, where you fire blindly into the zombie apocalypse, standing safely on the sidelines. It is not the story of brainless zombie slaughter and unmitigated gore, nor is it the story of your machine-gun laden victory over the hordes.
The Dead Linger is the story of you. It is a story of true survival. Your survival.
Fortifying your hideout and scavenging for supplies in a truly endless world. Cooperating with the other survivors… or being forced to fight them off. It is the tale of the fully realized zombie outbreak, where you, the survivors, are left to form, ignore, or destroy the final tethers of civilization.
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