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The Club is a radical departure for Bizarre Creations. As a studio traditionally known for our racing games, The Club proves that our teams are capable of straddling genres whether they're about firing on all cylinders or firing shotgun shells.
Primarily a score-based game, The Club is Bizarre's take on the third person shooter. The gameplay is fast paced and very arcadey; don't even think about hiding behind cover in this one folks! A unique new scoring system asks you to chain kills together in quick succession, building up your combo and grabbing you more points. The higher your combo the faster the bar ticks down, so it gets tougher and tougher to continue your deadly killing spree.
To keep your score high you'll need to burst into rooms of enemies with all guns blazing; the combo system pushing you further and further to your limit. However, don't take too long dispatching your target or your score will drop. If there are 30 bad guys in the level, that's potentially a 30x combo you could earn... practice, practice, practice!
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