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Gameplay largely revolves around the maneuvering of a boat around a sea. The sea is made up of hexagons called Hexes. The player controls the boat by selecting a hex for a destination. If the ship becomes adjacent to a hex containing an enemy ship, merchant ship, town, or settlement, it will automatically attack it with cannon fire. If more than one enemy is adjacent, the ship will split its fire, firing at a different one each time. The objective is to capture a certain number of towns. The required number is displayed at the top right of the screen. To capture a town the player must bombard it until it has no health left. A bar then appears and the percentage the town is "captured" rises. The only way capturing can be halted is for an enemy ship to move next to the town; it must be destroyed for the capturing to continue.
Players control a 3D avatar of a pirate ship with colored sails depending on which team they are on. Ships have three attributes that can be upgraded: speed, armor, and cannon—each of which can be upgraded up to three times. Speed determines how fast the player's ship sails, (A faster ship will always enter a hex before a slower one.) armor measures the amount of damage the ship can take before it is destroyed, (Upgrading armor lengthens the life gauge.) and cannon measures the damage the ship can cause. The Cannon attribute is displayed over the ship as small squares under the life gauge. Upgrading attack strength also decreases speed.
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