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Still Life 2 sets the scene for a new investigation with agent Victoria McPherson and finally lifts the curtain on the ending of Still Life!
The horribly mutilated body of Ellen Dunnigan is found on the shoulder of Highway 201. The modus operandi and the video sent to the police and media leave them in no doubt as to the killer's identity: the East Coast Killer has struck again. Once more, the serial killer has been extremely careful not to leave the slightest clue. A few hours later, journalist Paloma Hernandez, who has been covering the East Coast Killer's crimes, is kidnapped.
Still Life 2 allows gamers to control the actions of two characters bound by the same fate, offering two totally different gaming experiences. By guiding kidnapped Paloma through the killer's lair, players can sense her anguish and the oppressive atmosphere, skillfully dodging the deadly traps in order to survive. With Victoria, players can switch over to investigation mode, where they must look beyond the horror and get inside the killer's mind, so that he can be taken down once and for all.
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