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Play the shooter that rises above the competition with RPG-style character customization, high-octane cover shooting, destructible environments, and a fast-paced combo scoring system that rewards quick kills and chained destruction.
You are Sid Tripp, badass agent for the government organization M.U.S.E. and the only thing standing between the cyborg army of the maniacal villain, Psychosis, and world domination.
Game Features
• Optimized for the MOGA Mobile Gaming System developed by PowerA, winner of Machinima's "Best Hardware of E3 2012" award; play MUSE the way it was meant to be played, with real buttons and precision control sticks.
• Episodic single-player campaign with a storyline told through comic book-style cutscenes.
• Arcade-style scoring system that awards players points for combo kills and massive destruction.
• Upgrade and customize Sid by converting points into credits to boost Sid’s health, speed, combo window, weapons, and more
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