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None of us saw the four fighters diving towards us from cover of the midday sun. An otherworldly roar of engines, the dry rattle of machine-gun fire and suddenly Phelps and Ecclestone disintegrated in front of me in a cloud of blood and metal, as if grenades had gone of inside their cockpits. I dove sharply, in a desperate attempt to escape the unseen menace, but it was too late…
Armageddon Squadron is an arcade flight simulator giving players the chance to try their wings in some of the best known aircraft of the World War II era in a variety of mission types and environments.
Mission objectives include bombing and strafing raids against facilities and convoys, protection of ground troops against enemy aircraft and, of course, action-packed dogfights against enemy aces. Prepare to unleash an arsenal of machine guns, bombs, rockets and torpedoes above lush, green countrysides, open seas and battle-pocked urban areas.
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