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Windchaser is set into the windy plains of Ensai and its surrounding provinces. Water is a rare resource ever since the war of the ancients set the world ablaze and left only ruins of the civilizations of old.
Packs of wild beasts, human pirates, even ancient war machines ensure a constant need for adventurers. These brave men and women are organized in freelance guilds offering their services to anyone who can afford their price.
In Windchaser the player takes control of such a guild. The guild`s core is its mobile head quarters, located on a large plain-ship. This ship transports the guild members to their various destinations, and is the general focus of activity for the guild. The player will follow a group of important characters while the story unfolds. New members will be recruited during the game, expanding the possibilities and power of the guild. The various characters joining the guild will earn experience and can be trained into several unique classes, giving the player great variety in forming parties to suit different tasks or enemy formations. Windchaser is divided into missions commonly found in RTS games.
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