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The unthinkable happens in 2016. A nuclear exchange in the Middle East kills 20 million people and cripples the world's oil supply. Crude oil prices spike at $800 a barrel.
One year later, the threat of world-wide nuclear war is eliminated when the United States and Europe deploy a comprehensive space-based anti-ballistic missile shield. Russia soon follows with an advanced missile defense system of its own. Intercontinental ballistic missiles are rendered obsolete.
Russia becomes the world's primary supplier of energy and experiences a massive economic boom. With its newfound riches, Russia quickly re-establishes itself as a major superpower and restores her military might.
Western Europe, with the notable exception of the UK and Ireland, unifies to create the European Federation. This new nation is destined to be a formidable 21st-century Superpower.
In 2020, the United States is on the verge of finishing construction on the Freedom Star, a controversial orbital military platform that will upset the balance of world power. The European Federation withdraws from NATO in protest.
Tensions between the European Federation, the United States, and Russia are building and will soon reach the breaking point.
The EndWar is about to begin.
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