As long as it's as polished as it can be (before different kinds of systems report never before seen bugs), this is good....
12:42 Jun-20-2021
Never played a BG game, but this one looks amazing, especially the character creator. I hope it will be as good as Divin....
12:24 Jun-20-2021
That's a very personal preference thing. I find the gameplay of Dark Souls, and indeed Souls-like games to be very fun. ....
12:21 Jun-20-2021
Yeah, nice to see them taking feedback and improving the game. I do think they should take their time and improve what t....
11:46 Jun-20-2021
Its.. enjoyable i guess, i mean for what it is afast paced shooter, the movement mobility is great and i really like it ....
11:15 Jun-20-2021
last windows? everybody knows thats stupid. Unless they want to stop doing OSs they will eventualy always release a new ....
10:45 Jun-20-2021
I agree with you, somewhat. these games tend to sacrifice fun factor for frustration.
10:43 Jun-20-2021
What's up with the low score for optiimzation? the game is not even out yet...
10:35 Jun-20-2021
The game is definitely making use of your GPU. 99% usage all the time, while the CPU doesn't go above 58%.What's you....
08:47 Jun-20-2021
Can I run ?
08:44 Jun-20-2021
Can I run ? ((Its a Ryzen 5 2600, not a I5-1400f))
08:33 Jun-20-2021
Can I run ?
08:26 Jun-20-2021
Rune factory 5 for Switch. Rune Factory 4 Special for Steam.
08:08 Jun-20-2021
nah dude you arent getting old perse, just the magic that E3 once had is completely gone. For years now even.
06:57 Jun-20-2021
Nothing of value will be missed, this game might not release and madden fans will probably not even notice :D
02:46 Jun-20-2021
This time i dont have any game im looking for (Maybe hellblade 2 and stalker 2 hopefully i can run the later), after the....
02:41 Jun-20-2021
It was ok E3, like some stuff were nice to see, but on the other hand there also was lackluster showing from some parts.....
22:44 Jun-19-2021
To me it's Elden Ring, Starfield and Forza Horizon 5 equally. Stalker also looks pretty cool but I haven't really looked....
22:33 Jun-19-2021
Stalker 2 all the way, showed gameplay, they seem to be true to the older games, great graphics.
21:54 Jun-19-2021
Will I be able to enjoy the multiplayer experience smoothly? I don't mind setting all on graphics on low.
21:37 Jun-19-2021
used it on Batman Arkham Knight
20:20 Jun-19-2021
in before intel fans were whining about AMD were all about more cores and threads
20:12 Jun-19-2021
L4D was also the most pirated game franchise as it comes pre-installed on netcafe rental PC's, a 12Gb game compressed in....
20:07 Jun-19-2021
Devolver Digital got some real bangers. They already a do. I'm pretty much looking out for all they showed.
19:32 Jun-19-2021
It is pretty obvious he meant a successor to Dark Souls and not an actual sequel. “Mizayaki” has stated multiple tim....
19:21 Jun-19-2021
@meow667 u can run anything in any reso with any fps :) seriously kidding or just wanna tell people u have the best rig ....
19:11 Jun-19-2021
That's OK, the game hasn't changed since 2000. -grin-
18:38 Jun-19-2021
I am excited for the BF2042 & the Forspoken!
18:06 Jun-19-2021
hdr was locked to newer gpus when it became available. rt can be done on compute cores and it tanks graphic capabiliti....
17:59 Jun-19-2021
I'm only excited for Psychonauts 2, been waiting years for it.
17:54 Jun-19-2021
Forza Horizon 5, We all know that right?
17:52 Jun-19-2021
My most anticipated games are still Metroid Dread and Replaced. I love those kinds of 2D games and they both look really....
17:42 Jun-19-2021
Can I run ?
16:28 Jun-19-2021
maybe its easier for marketing since tracking exact windows 10 version is not the most consumer friendly. We already see....
16:24 Jun-19-2021
And there are people who will preorder this... let that sink in...
16:07 Jun-19-2021
Yep, you're definitely too "old" for this...go play your casual games, you filthy normie.
15:46 Jun-19-2021
After "Games As Service","Always Online" and "MicroTransactions" what i hate the most in the past 9 - 10 years is "Dark ....
15:32 Jun-19-2021
I'm down for FF7 remake on pc. got it on ps4, but PC no holds barred lol
12:55 Jun-19-2021
What i'm most excited about for the Intel GPUS is the rumor that they will have DP 2.0, Finally we're gonna have 4k@240h....
08:20 Jun-19-2021
You need to change your playstyle then. Your timings need to be fixed and you are probably over-aggresive. Your build i....
08:15 Jun-19-2021
Can I run ?
07:57 Jun-19-2021
Can I run ?
07:53 Jun-19-2021
is there any battlefield other than the 2042? is this page still relevant?
04:53 Jun-19-2021
Can I run ?
03:11 Jun-19-2021
Can I run ?
03:09 Jun-19-2021
Can I run ?
03:08 Jun-19-2021
yeah agreed, but reviewers and reddit users with new intel integrated HD 750 had lots of driver issues, mostly games cra....
01:07 Jun-19-2021
FF7 remake would be sweet. Definitely way higher on my list than Alan Wake remaster. Which isn't really surprising, cons....
22:53 Jun-18-2021
As for price, if it is as close to RTX3070, it all depends on how much good will Intel wants to get, I do think 400USD/E....
22:50 Jun-18-2021
I am excited and can't wait to see third party reviews. I do hope Intel will do well, because graphic card market right ....
22:48 Jun-18-2021
I'm more interested in the driver support on day 1 launch etc... You can have the best hardware, but it the software is....
22:41 Jun-18-2021
I'm aware. I just remember a time when a big game was 3 GB in size.
22:39 Jun-18-2021
Till people stop buying into that system, nothing will change.
22:38 Jun-18-2021
I'm just waiting for Godfall to drop on Steam...An Alan Wake remaster would be cool, especially if 505 gave it some ....
18:41 Jun-18-2021
The next freebies are [Sonic Mania and Horizon Chase Turbo](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/759089424037576754/85....
18:36 Jun-18-2021
Every now and again they drop really good stuff, like Hitman 2, Control (obviously), GTA V, Transistor, Borderlands 2 an....
18:31 Jun-18-2021
look ive played and beat ff7 and will do so again and again and dlc again
18:27 Jun-18-2021
I just hope intel's gpu drivers will be much better than their latest for hd 750, other than that cant wait for the resu....
18:27 Jun-18-2021
Yeah, and it turns out I actually made an epic account waaaay back. I'm just mad that I missed out on Control from earli....
18:26 Jun-18-2021
Just like outriders which though fun was a TERRIBLE decision that ruined many players gaming experience for consistent o....
18:23 Jun-18-2021
I never paid them a penny and I have around a 100 games in the library - all free. Good to try things, sometimes I even ....
18:18 Jun-18-2021
If it's available then I'll consider this an option for me.
17:37 Jun-18-2021
I've been boycotting Epic games for the longest time... I think it's not worth it anymore. I'm gonna go ahead and get th....
17:36 Jun-18-2021
I am very hyped however i hope that Intel is determined to support the gpus for years with drivers and not just give up ....
17:17 Jun-18-2021
Overcooked 2 is such a fun game to play with friends, definitively worth to get it
16:38 Jun-18-2021
30 hrs really? Is it that am I bad or what? DS1 took me 40-50 hrs, ds3 took me 60-70 hrs all dlcs included. Sekiro I don....
16:13 Jun-18-2021
It depends on the system and the settings used. If you're streaming high quality assets on high settings - you're more l....
16:13 Jun-18-2021
Until gpu is there and bench- by ppl that can be trusted then I will believe...since I don't believe to Intel anymo....
15:51 Jun-18-2021
Holy s**t hell yeah Alan Wake FTW. Loved the game, one of my top 10 in life games!
15:50 Jun-18-2021
When voting fails - try a refresh. Happens to me too.
15:46 Jun-18-2021
In terms of compatibility modes - I had to use them for many older games. Try XP SP2/3 or Win7 compat modes for older ga....
15:41 Jun-18-2021
Basically what I'm saying is that you'd have the same exact issues under Win8 as well. Win11 shouldn't change anything f....
15:38 Jun-18-2021
Yeah, that's usually going to be not just because of the OS, but also due to the things I mentioned. For example, DX8 an....
15:35 Jun-18-2021
Don't you dare make it an epic exclusive, you can't do that to one of the biggest franchises out there. In all likelihoo....
15:13 Jun-18-2021
Well, I'm having a lot of issues with my childhood games. Especially those that are win98 era. They won't run properly o....
15:10 Jun-18-2021
the top end xe hpg gpu with 512 eu will be priced agressively 350-500 dollars
14:37 Jun-18-2021
We have a free games bot on our GD Discord server that also notifies about free ga....
14:36 Jun-18-2021
idc if it is an Epic exclusive. I just want it to have regional pricing. not like what happened with KH series
12:40 Jun-18-2021
Looks like I have to wait another year to play FF7 Remake
12:16 Jun-18-2021
If you're not getting the resolution/clarity benefits of 4K, then it's not "4K gaming". Even with DLSS 2.0/2.1 that's on....
12:09 Jun-18-2021
a skin shouldnt really necessitate a new OS a simple update could have done that. Im not quite sure what the reason for ....
11:17 Jun-18-2021
Nobody's being "saved" lol, it's 2 companies using their minions (fanboys) in a pissing competition for profit - busines....
10:57 Jun-18-2021
Can I run ?
10:30 Jun-18-2021
Can I run ?
10:26 Jun-18-2021
Can I run ?
10:25 Jun-18-2021
Can I run ?
10:24 Jun-18-2021
i don't see shortage here, there are 10+ models available for every 30 series card (except 3060ti which is nowhere to be....
09:11 Jun-18-2021
i would love to try this on games like Division 1 maxed out with quality mode hitting 120 fps hell 4k gaming might becom....
07:37 Jun-18-2021
This would rock as it would work even on my GTX 1080 but I would love to see some sort of system wherin it can work even....
07:36 Jun-18-2021
Graphics mate, graphics. Long gone, even last gen games were much bigger.If we go back to 7th gen graphics then 20GB....
07:20 Jun-18-2021
It's a whole movement, I'm after devoted followers ... No really, you go out there's nobody there
05:03 Jun-18-2021
So your with me then ? Haha, just kiddin that's a good one. Cheers !!??smile ??thumbup
05:01 Jun-18-2021
The stupidity level of this decision is OVER 9000!!!
01:18 Jun-18-2021