uum.. how so? I do a bit of Unreal Engine 4 from time to time and I don't think I can relate to what you're saying
14:58 Mar-24-2019
Probably, or 4k 30fps ... I hope so haha
14:41 Mar-24-2019
Are you serious? So you are saying that 60 dollar AAA games are alright to have microtransactions? I think if I pay 60 ....
14:38 Mar-24-2019
No such processor as an i5-2700k :P
14:35 Mar-24-2019
There are definitely those who buy skins to support the devs, and those who are buying it for profit, but the vast major....
14:29 Mar-24-2019
Really cant wait for this game :D
14:28 Mar-24-2019
wow! A GTX 1080? Are those 1440p 60fps requirements?
14:19 Mar-24-2019
My 2gb 960 served me well. I still game on it every now and then. When it is fully retired, it will go on display in hon....
14:15 Mar-24-2019
Yes, but does apex legends have high res textures? Its odd a 3gb card is stuttering there. I used a 2gb 960 for a good ....
14:11 Mar-24-2019
@Jon @TheEmperor96 Damn, that explains a lot... I always wondered what's the appeal of buying skins that they are so p....
13:57 Mar-24-2019
So stock clock on i5 4570 is 3200 MHz with 100 MHz FSB. I currently run my FSB @104 MHz (4%OC) and then CPU can get up t....
12:48 Mar-24-2019
I always think of it as the xx70 top mid range, xx60 mid range and xx50 low mid range. Those were the perfect cards for ....
12:29 Mar-24-2019
Back when i had gtx 960 4gb i never had drops i played games that sayed to require more like shadow of mordor, doom2016,....
12:23 Mar-24-2019
I meant exactly what Jon and TheEmperor96 sayed
12:05 Mar-24-2019
Well the term should exist, since there are actual games that are free to play. for instance Doki Doki Literature Club w....
11:27 Mar-24-2019
They most definitely do. Skins play on peoples desire to be and look different and stand out. There aren't many ways to ....
10:33 Mar-24-2019
Don't apologize. You wrote the article, so in my mind you have every right to put what ever img you want.
10:33 Mar-24-2019
Yeah shame buuuut, this game doesn't use DRM. Still sold great and with very positive reviews. I haven't heard much abou....
10:11 Mar-24-2019
In agreement with Jon here thinking of the x60 range as being the midrange (but as he says the current Nvidia generation....
10:00 Mar-24-2019
Sorry, I chose one of the more popular F2P games as it's so recognisable!
09:00 Mar-24-2019
He's right though, that's the exact same psychology behind why skins sell - to make players feel superior through cosmet....
08:59 Mar-24-2019
if u are not a child and still play this **y mobile games ...press F
08:45 Mar-24-2019
@David988 I have never even thought of that or that anybody could possibly think that... And I absolutely disagree...
08:34 Mar-24-2019
Great! Now games can launch with two pieces of software that will destroy their performance for legit customers.Yipe....
07:47 Mar-24-2019
Can I run ?
07:45 Mar-24-2019
mid-end gpu should be able to pull off 1080p 60fps in most games perhaps with a few tweaks. 1080p being the widest adopt....
07:37 Mar-24-2019
what no rx480/470? its still the same architecture just a core boost for the 500 series
07:31 Mar-24-2019
The whole matrix thing was kinda corny, to be honest.
06:25 Mar-24-2019
No jokes. I completely forgot about physical cases from retail. You have a good point. That must have sucked
06:03 Mar-24-2019
Unreal engine already struggles with performance as is.
06:01 Mar-24-2019
Can I run ?
04:08 Mar-24-2019
I think what matters in games like that, much like Dota 2, is skills.
04:00 Mar-24-2019
There are a bunch of games that run native 4k on x1x while ps4p runs lower or checkboard. There is literally a ton of vi....
02:28 Mar-24-2019
But in games that are all around skins like Apex you may feel inferior without a skin to all those around you who spend ....
02:20 Mar-24-2019
The issue is most likely related to VRAM usage more than anything. If that's too high or exceeds the amount of VRAM you ....
02:16 Mar-24-2019
Well cod and assassins creed have new storys with every title and new mechanics so i am fine with them but sport games o....
01:57 Mar-24-2019
Idk in my memory it stayed like it looked a lot different, but in all its better then what most of the games get as rema....
01:50 Mar-24-2019
as long as you can pay for skins only, that can be called a F2P.. because literally if u want a different appearance u p....
01:33 Mar-24-2019
i mean steam is a nice platform, but for those of us that are weaker on the economic side, they are killing us
01:19 Mar-24-2019
He meant only 1060 and higher are supported..
01:15 Mar-24-2019
Maybe its the windows update problem? I was gonna say make sure you turn down textures, but you are also having problems....
01:13 Mar-24-2019
The other one is probably meant to be Ti.
00:45 Mar-24-2019
I highly disagree, as I have +3000 hours in the game...with just a i3 3220 3.3 Ghz (almost the same power) 6 GB of ....
00:42 Mar-24-2019
you just said mods. so no. Even with few. Cities Skylines becomes REALLY heavy even if you only have a few, but essentia....
00:33 Mar-24-2019
I would consider anything that can play AAA titles at minimum 2k with a steady 60+ fps with a price point of around roug....
00:26 Mar-24-2019
@Gerulis20 wasn't there also the joke that if you're russian you can't enjoy the new Metro, your national baby, because ....
23:24 Mar-23-2019
RTX 2060 is mid-range card at a high-end card price but it's not worth it IMO.
22:12 Mar-23-2019
Can I run ?
22:05 Mar-23-2019
Can I run ? ??cool
21:59 Mar-23-2019
As long as the game isn't made in a way that revolves around microtransactions I don't think that's a bad thing.
21:43 Mar-23-2019
900 Hours+ in Warframe not a penny spent, although people say time is money so you could say nothing is free :P You can ....
21:23 Mar-23-2019
Whoa dude, no need to get offended. It's just a news header.
21:07 Mar-23-2019
When you do decide to throw it out the window, please record it. I want to see a graphics card explode into a million pi....
20:59 Mar-23-2019
But I can understand them too, for 9 long years they had superior architectures and yet nobody bought them as much as Nv....
20:44 Mar-23-2019
Im almost at the point when i will throw it out the window...but,im waiting on navi 1st
20:42 Mar-23-2019
Absolutely agreed, I've never even thought of the opposite, I guess you are referring to AMD's HBM(1 or 2) super expensi....
20:41 Mar-23-2019
Same here in EU rtx 2060 500 and rtx 2080 around1000. Crazy prices.
20:37 Mar-23-2019
Absolutely agreed! Also, it's time to kill the term "Early Access", "Alpha" and 'Beta"(outside development teams, as in ....
20:35 Mar-23-2019
..somehow stable performance,it's annoying cause if i unlock the framerate it goes up to 90 but it drops,and it's not th....
20:27 Mar-23-2019
I get what you're saying, and overall I agree, the 10 series was incredibly overpriced on launch, it cost nowhere near w....
20:26 Mar-23-2019
In case anyone is wandering about Gtx 1060 3gb,do NOT buy this card...it's awful i have the compute performance but it's....
20:25 Mar-23-2019
it's not just raw material cost, it has R&D, production, material, taxes, bills and volume expected to be sold behind it....
20:20 Mar-23-2019
cough cough COD, EA Sports titles, Assassins Creed and many more cough cough Damn allergies.
19:51 Mar-23-2019
i think rtx 2060 6gb can be a good mid end card. i think price should not be more than 250$.In Pakistan rtx 2060 6g....
19:51 Mar-23-2019
They news ain't going anywhere, and you'll also have an added benefit of watching the parts that interest you the most. ....
19:50 Mar-23-2019
I'd say it's a card that can comfortably play any current game at 60fps, high settings on majoritys resolution, 1080p in....
19:48 Mar-23-2019
Which in my opinion made Vega 56/64 fairly poor values...... they were top notch materials wise, but that didn't transla....
19:41 Mar-23-2019
I'm going to speculate here(and keep in mind, it's nothing more than speculation) and say that 90+% of people couldn't c....
19:37 Mar-23-2019
that is a nice price but i prefer retail for my collection and because my internet speed sucks :P
19:28 Mar-23-2019
Currently I'd put the GTX 1070/Vega 56 level of performance as the mid-range..... and I think that level of performance ....
19:27 Mar-23-2019
How dare you put warframe upfront. Warframe never requires you to buy anything. It only takes longer if you dont buy pla....
19:05 Mar-23-2019
the gt 1080 should have been 300$ in 2016... The gtx 1660ti is a more expensive GPU to Nvidia than the gtx 1080 ever wa....
19:02 Mar-23-2019
If they dnt reach an conclusion our grandchildren will be the ones completing it...u wanna leave the world without knowi....
19:01 Mar-23-2019
Sleep is good.... The news will be still there the next day :-)
18:56 Mar-23-2019
Personally I've yet to spend over $200 for a GPU. That lands me square in the mid range of cards but I don't feel all th....
18:55 Mar-23-2019
I have a GT 650m and a viable able CPU What Resolution and FPS would I be having? I can honestly play 800x600 or lower....
18:55 Mar-23-2019
With all the micro-transactions packed into f2p games these days I'm sure you'll find a way.
18:53 Mar-23-2019
There are two GTX 1070 in the voting chart.
18:52 Mar-23-2019
Just lower the resolution to 800x600 and you'll probably be fine.
18:51 Mar-23-2019
Mid-low range: 1050; mid-range: 1050Ti; mid-high range: 1060 (6gb); high range: 1070; high-enthusiast-range: 1080; enthu....
18:24 Mar-23-2019
Midrange I guess means mainstream. A card that meets the needs of a majority of PC gamers for its time. These days that ....
18:15 Mar-23-2019
wonder which one fits that description... Oh, could it be the GTX 1080?! YES IT DOES! FFS, it should be 250$ max! Not t....
18:04 Mar-23-2019
Can I run ?
18:03 Mar-23-2019
A mid-range GPU, which has a die size that is half(50% or 1/2) of the biggest die size possible in production on that pr....
17:52 Mar-23-2019
3 years ago, it was the RX470/480 & the GTX 1060 3/6 gb.... Today, it seems these are still the mid range... Good thin....
17:50 Mar-23-2019
The cinema said the same thing when TVs and then cassette recording(cassette player/readers) were first coming out XD
17:48 Mar-23-2019
It was a tough decision, but I have selected NymbusZero for the RX 570 giveaway!!! He's already been notified via PM. Ho....
17:43 Mar-23-2019