going afk when the game is loading and such doesn't count.do you pass? Don't know, you tell me.
18:54 Aug-24-2019
using OP items is no different than using cheats, because both give you an unfair advantage and everybody can use both. ....
18:54 Aug-24-2019
I play this game in 4K maxed and my GTX 1070 Ti is always 95% loaded so i guess that requirements are really wrong, i gu....
18:53 Aug-24-2019
Don't use OP items - if i can i doDon't play cheesy - idk what does that even meanDon't screw over your teammate....
18:44 Aug-24-2019
Games already cost well over 60$ and they're still riddled with lootboxes, predatory mechanics and exploitative MTX. Pro....
18:00 Aug-24-2019
That's easily said than done. It's like saying if you don't want to get hit by a car than you should avoid getting hit b....
17:57 Aug-24-2019
Well then it's highly personal, but sure they can for sure.
17:56 Aug-24-2019
Does these rules apply for a person who is playing offline?
17:40 Aug-24-2019
lots of etiquette in r6 xd you'll be tk and t-bag'ed for choosing new op or for other nonsense reasons
17:22 Aug-24-2019
Unwritten rules of the top of my head: Don't use OP items. Don't play cheesy Don't screw over your teammates Don't t....
17:17 Aug-24-2019
I said that we should stop buying micro-transactions then they can rise the cost of the games...And developers spend....
17:09 Aug-24-2019
@Psychoman Resources should be spent the way developers want to spend them. Once you are building your own game you'll ....
16:54 Aug-24-2019
Xquatrox is correct, the industry is not run by gamers anymore, but by ruthless businessmen whose one and only goal is p....
16:51 Aug-24-2019
And costs for them will keep balooning when people want more and more graphics and visuals... at this point the game pro....
16:45 Aug-24-2019
People that type EZ or GG when theyve fed theyre ass off in online games should be sent to the deepest parts of hell. X ....
16:43 Aug-24-2019
Well if they could completely move Denuvo over to mobiles instead of PCs that'll be great.
16:43 Aug-24-2019
Not true, even the developers of Kingdom Come Deliverence talked about balooning costs and how they had to manage everyt....
16:41 Aug-24-2019
The only unwritten rule in online gaming is this: Typing ez at the end of the match when you're on the bottom of the sco....
16:38 Aug-24-2019
But only Ubisoft, EA, A-B, T2 and such are the one complaining about ballooning costs and unsustainable development whil....
16:36 Aug-24-2019
I turn it off every night or if I'm not going to use it for a while.
16:36 Aug-24-2019
Can I run ?
16:26 Aug-24-2019
Very nice! I can't wait for this game!
15:53 Aug-24-2019
Too bad I did it anyways
15:49 Aug-24-2019
10% worse
15:49 Aug-24-2019
Yeah, because predatory mobile microtrash tactics are what needs protecting...*publishers could be exposing themselv....
15:34 Aug-24-2019
Ive never heard of this game, but its got my interest.
15:32 Aug-24-2019
"minimal Impact", I read that as better keep your charging cable and sit next to an outlet because boy we gonna suck tha....
15:30 Aug-24-2019
Some Dishonored 2 for me this weekend, loved the first one.
15:28 Aug-24-2019
ive been waiting for this game, cant wait to sink hours into it!
15:27 Aug-24-2019
The problem is you are thinking EA, Ubisoft, Act-Blizz, Take-Two, and such. There are hundreds of gaming companies out t....
15:20 Aug-24-2019
For me the witcher 3 was amazing because of the story telling and main and secondary characters. The gameplay and mechan....
15:19 Aug-24-2019
This is bigger than my cutting board and probably will produce enough heat for a whole apartment block.
15:18 Aug-24-2019
I dont really play mobile games, only got 2 and that is Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go and there backed up for future phone....
15:14 Aug-24-2019
Take witcher 3 for example:Amazing story,solid gameplay,interesting characters,and most importantly a word that feels al....
15:13 Aug-24-2019
Well a good story and interesting and captivating characters should be the main focus point of the game,I don't know why....
15:10 Aug-24-2019
some fun challenge lol ??lol ??lol ??lol https://crackwatch.com/drm/denuvo/games
15:02 Aug-24-2019
just write fckdrm after ?? (?? fckdrm. Without space in middle) You can do this with all emotes here realy
14:12 Aug-24-2019
I thought only brazilian/south american servers were full of chinese hacks...
14:08 Aug-24-2019
Can I run competitive settings (all low) ?fx 4.2 Ghz, 2200 ht/nb rx 580 1360mhz
13:43 Aug-24-2019
With RTX on
12:43 Aug-24-2019
... don't use microtransactions, because those games go to lengths of exploitation, which should be illegal. And I am re....
12:37 Aug-24-2019
Yeah, because they totally have to protect developers and publishers right to exploit people, to exploit addictions, to ....
12:35 Aug-24-2019
oh well only game i am playing on my android is Inotia 4 and i love it so much that i am replayed it whole 9 time to thi....
12:19 Aug-24-2019
actually its same as at launch excelent upgrade from mordor, as for MTX idk why people always complained about games wit....
12:13 Aug-24-2019
you'd be crazy not to sell a kidney for an rtx card, cuz ray tracing is far more important than your health ??thumbup
11:24 Aug-24-2019
explain why he was physically changed more than the others.
11:16 Aug-24-2019
Yeah that also bothered me despite that other vampires looked a lot less conspicuous. Maybe it's because he was made by ....
11:15 Aug-24-2019
far cry 5 and kdc still enjoying :)
11:13 Aug-24-2019
Amazing not that i was ever gonna play mobile games but this even motivates me to stay even further away from them :)
11:12 Aug-24-2019
well me too hh actually i stoped and now im back to it such great game lot of fun and the atmosphere i cant describe it ....
11:11 Aug-24-2019
Knowing what a resource hog denuvo is maybe this will finally push phone manufacturers to put bigger batteries in their ....
11:10 Aug-24-2019
Imao, I think EA's approach is more effective than denuvo. When I played Real Racing 3, I could cheat gold and money wit....
10:47 Aug-24-2019
currently trying to get into endurace racing in Assetto corsa but cannot get SOL mod- to work properly but yeah done a 6....
10:45 Aug-24-2019
Enable dynamic resolution and you will be fine.
10:38 Aug-24-2019
The developers removed all microtransactions from Shadow of War and now is far more enjoyable.
10:36 Aug-24-2019
That is great, God forbid if our favorite big publishers cant leach every last penny from every platform imaginable, how....
10:26 Aug-24-2019
so modern pc does see some drop in silicon performance for sure
10:01 Aug-24-2019
it never went up but i did notice a gradual reduction. nothing was ever documented other than me boasting to my friends ....
10:00 Aug-24-2019
that being said I would always run Crysis1W23 (my personal benchmarks)after a Complete format rougly every year and a ha....
09:57 Aug-24-2019
Have steam unbanned the game that made fun of the chinese president yet?
09:47 Aug-24-2019
cant argue with that I did change my entire system in about 7-8 years would've done it at the 5 year mark but had to wai....
09:47 Aug-24-2019
Started half life 2 for the first time so will be finishing it and some paladins.
09:42 Aug-24-2019
once SSD returns from warranty, I will let you know which processes those are ;)
09:32 Aug-24-2019
A mix of high/med should do
08:24 Aug-24-2019
Can I run ?
08:22 Aug-24-2019
They make mobile RTX cards now?
08:21 Aug-24-2019
Still Enjoying Rainbow Six Siege with some Home front single player campaign.
07:01 Aug-24-2019
I agree but communist Game-debate would think otherwise lmaoo
06:14 Aug-24-2019
After seeing this I want TOTAL WAR: Medieval III lol
05:36 Aug-24-2019
I'll be playing some CSGO. I've also been looking at videos of modded Skyrim again and I might just reinstall Skyrim and....
03:44 Aug-24-2019
GTX 1660 Ti, 1660, and 1650 buyers are indeed CRAZY! because Ray Tracing is far more important than your daily needs.
03:39 Aug-24-2019
Still just playing Rocket League :), Fire up Hell Let Loose or Squad if I want some hardcore FPS action though.
03:36 Aug-24-2019
Game debate says i can run easily, yet the only way i can get above 40ish frames with constant drops to 20 is all low se....
01:54 Aug-24-2019
Can I run ?
01:47 Aug-24-2019
Your CPU shouldn't be paired with that GPU. $1200 - 1500 card and you have it paired with at Core i7-6700K 4-Core 4.0GH....
01:35 Aug-24-2019
Can I run Call of Duty World at War withProcessor: Pentium (Dual Core) E5800 3.20 GHzGraphics Card: Intel GMA X....
01:25 Aug-24-2019
Can I run ?
01:23 Aug-24-2019
I checked and, looks like it can't run with the gpu :/. But the other spec (Pentium Dual Core 997 1.6GHz and the 2 GB of....
01:19 Aug-24-2019
I've missed a lot. The damn article won't stop buzzing.
23:45 Aug-23-2019
I agree with you, it's a good game, decpite the small playcount on pc! I wish more played it
23:42 Aug-23-2019
What settings do you think would be best, thanks
23:27 Aug-23-2019
They actually fixed it and then they found a way around it again and fixed it the second time too. I'm pretty sure they ....
23:18 Aug-23-2019
Yeah. They aren't because reasons. And i'm waiting for the next LTSC release in 2021. Hopefully it'll be very stable lik....
22:57 Aug-23-2019




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