I really do hope they don't fail this since I have high hopes for this title. Fingers crossed that finally a good co-op ....
09:21 Jan-18-2019
Razors are the highest mark-up product in the world (or at least they were 10 years ago, not 100% sure now)
09:09 Jan-18-2019
60fps? Hardly.. cpu is gonna bottleneck no matter what settings/res you use
09:02 Jan-18-2019
Can I run ?
09:00 Jan-18-2019
I can drop some settings like ambient occlusion..
08:59 Jan-18-2019
Again,I'm talking about most people,including gamers.You are in a minority there,because lga-2011 are extreme cpus and m....
08:57 Jan-18-2019
I've got one of those brand new about 3 years ago. After few months of very light usage (it wasn't the OS drive) it died....
08:54 Jan-18-2019
Can I run ?
08:38 Jan-18-2019
I think you should wait. Prices can't really get higher than this, someone will eventually introduce a more budget frien....
08:12 Jan-18-2019
So I remember back when rumor hype started swirling around Destiny and the original impression being a 3rd person co-op ....
08:00 Jan-18-2019
Damn nvidia got confusing me right now, i want to upgrade my GTX 1060 3GB and don't know what plan to do
07:44 Jan-18-2019
It makes sense that they might limit the FP64 as it would cannibalize their professional GPUs or however they are callin....
07:33 Jan-18-2019
As I said it's not confirmed that Vega II/Radeon VII will be limited in FP64, but it might be. Also even if they limit ....
07:31 Jan-18-2019
Well yes, you are assuming that everything will just run at a hardware level, but sadly there need to be optimizations f....
07:28 Jan-18-2019
Or in other words 380-400$, but again thats without any R&D costs. Also Vega II seems to have a lot fewer rops per compu....
07:23 Jan-18-2019
World of Warcraft, you can get everything without paying for it, even though there is a shop, I find it pointless and it....
07:21 Jan-18-2019
i was involved in the open beta test recently (server stress) obviously it was a very old build and very limited game ti....
06:59 Jan-18-2019
did you try to run it?
06:12 Jan-18-2019
I'd be total nonsense if it's called that. This is becoming beyond confusing for the average consumer. Why not GTX 2060 ....
05:01 Jan-18-2019
Yeah, I'm pretty much done with EA. I'll pass on this game.
04:27 Jan-18-2019
It definitely can run it,maybe not at ultra with 60fps,but i believe it can play it well with a locked 30fps med/high wi....
03:17 Jan-18-2019
Can I run ?
02:20 Jan-18-2019
no hdmi for VRR.. come on nvidia, get your act together so this works with my TV
01:51 Jan-18-2019
Call me a crazy but I actually want a racing game with a story, even if it is cringe worthy.
01:07 Jan-18-2019
Can I run ?
00:38 Jan-18-2019
its still very good gpu y just would need to change that cpu
23:44 Jan-17-2019
well having a linear story is having better chance of having a better one as devs can ocus more on it
23:39 Jan-17-2019
left4dead, dying light i have no problems with zombie games as long as there is coop mode
23:36 Jan-17-2019
Gankutsuou nop, never thought abouth it
23:23 Jan-17-2019
Can I run ? i know i have bad laptop
23:22 Jan-17-2019
Well, I was replying to Xquatrox, i feel like the replying system on this website isn't very explicit when there's long ....
23:15 Jan-17-2019
Well then... I'll play this in about 5-8 years when there's a good emulator... xD
22:59 Jan-17-2019
That would explain why I can no longer see in stereo... O_-
22:58 Jan-17-2019
I would, because the motherboards I use don't come with video outputs. So an iGPU would be useless either way.
22:55 Jan-17-2019
Either that or...they just use chips with a bad iGPU, repackaged as a CPU without one. Wouldn't be the first time. In th....
22:51 Jan-17-2019
Can I run ?
22:41 Jan-17-2019
I was honestly thinking $400 for the 2060's even with our crappy exchange rate! lol I would pay $400 max for a video car....
22:34 Jan-17-2019
It is pretty damn bad for a supposedly mid range GPU.
22:32 Jan-17-2019
Truth be told if this card competes with the 2080 that will be a big step for AMD. That being said this card will be rel....
22:32 Jan-17-2019
Dude you couldve gone with a 570 8gb for even less money and get two free games to boot. If you didnt want the games you....
22:28 Jan-17-2019
I wasn't expecting $500 CAD mainstream video cards from Nvidia. I could have bought one but like paying $25 dollars for ....
22:06 Jan-17-2019
Considering they'd have to redesign the architecture to support GDDR memory, most probably a decent chunk of money in R&....
21:45 Jan-17-2019
Just wondering if you knew how much it would've cost if it used GDDR6 instead?
21:28 Jan-17-2019
To confuse everyone even more.And to promote higher costs with each generation.
21:13 Jan-17-2019
I find it very interesting how controversy can actually end up selling a product.I don't know why, but it seems to w....
21:03 Jan-17-2019
@Tforulez - don't forget EAC (EasyAntiCheat) - that too is there in FC5 :D
21:01 Jan-17-2019
I think it was never stated that it would come to PC
20:59 Jan-17-2019
That's the AiBs selling the cards like that, not Nvidia. Nobody yet knows why this happened either.
20:59 Jan-17-2019
Yeah, dude, that was like one of the first thing I noticed on my 2080Tis :D
20:58 Jan-17-2019
To be fair, practically it is fairly useless feature, because most people rocking i5 or higher will use discrete graphic....
20:56 Jan-17-2019
I actually didn't really expect it to cost less, we are talking about Intel here. Of course they will win in this deal, ....
20:54 Jan-17-2019
That throws a lot of older CPU recommendation articles in the bin, right there.
20:53 Jan-17-2019
And here we have next "audiojack removal" thing... Though there probably are more audiojack users than VR users, but in ....
20:52 Jan-17-2019
I went today to buy a RTX 2060 and had a heart attack with the price tag of $500 CAD. So I said piss on it and bought a ....
20:49 Jan-17-2019
So naming could also serve to get us talking, because as long as people talk about nVidia cards, there is bigger chance ....
20:48 Jan-17-2019
... nVidia will use it to get attention and some of that hype back. I mean why else did they make 1070Ti, if not to move....
20:46 Jan-17-2019
... and selling them as non-RTX cards as long as rasterization portion can keep up. I would imagine that would help incr....
20:45 Jan-17-2019
Naming does seem a bit fishy... But I am pretty sure nVidia has at least plan on making non-RTX lineup, in case Navi is ....
20:43 Jan-17-2019
Well this is 2019, times have changed. That said it should depend on the game?MMOs? Purchase with a premium virtual ....
20:38 Jan-17-2019
Can I run ?
20:29 Jan-17-2019
i hope so, and i hope it doesnt have a linear story like state of decay 2
20:25 Jan-17-2019
We have no school buses in my country and no buses with a stop sign, nor do we need one as statistically less than 1 sch....
20:09 Jan-17-2019
Not putting out a game is not really a sign of quantity though.
20:04 Jan-17-2019
People, if see a bus stop sign out then please, for the love of God, stop the car.
20:03 Jan-17-2019
I know naming is all about marketing but still I don't understand why something has to sound appealing by name in order ....
19:57 Jan-17-2019
So with the Radeon VII you are paying for die size you are not using, just like with the Tensor Cores and RT cores in th....
19:54 Jan-17-2019
bruh the gtx 1080 is a mid-range GPU that was sold for 700$ MSRP in 2016... The gtx 1080 was 312mm^2 die size, the RTX 2....
19:53 Jan-17-2019
True. I think the balance between providing good enough user experience and customer experience along with them not pret....
19:47 Jan-17-2019
i'd be fine with toning down a few settings
19:45 Jan-17-2019
To be fair, I personally enjoyed the game a lot more than Destiny 2 (Got it for free). Still not going to buy it however....
19:40 Jan-17-2019
Well when I say it's not a gaming GPU, I don't mean that it can't play games well, but that they have allocated tons of ....
19:38 Jan-17-2019
thats not so bad - its relatively at the price of a RX580 8 gb, before the 590 came out
19:30 Jan-17-2019
In my country its a bit more expensive than the GTX1070ti & exactly at the price of a GTX 1080 - arent next gen "mid-ran....
19:29 Jan-17-2019
It can easily, I got 60fps on 1080p low-med with my gtx1050 in Alpha.
19:28 Jan-17-2019
doesnt make it good & interesting either... they could just have 8 dlc planned for the first season alone!
19:26 Jan-17-2019
Very badly optimized game demo on PC. It won't even start. Got createcomputeshader failed error fatal application exit.
19:22 Jan-17-2019
Making buyers love you as a company is a marketing strategy indeed, but I prefer it compared to being the only choice fo....
19:12 Jan-17-2019
So what's the frikking use then? I mean a 2060 performs as a 1070ti, what's the benefit of getting anything lower?
19:10 Jan-17-2019
Can I run ?
19:09 Jan-17-2019
They have already confirmed and it's been said many times that there's no micro-transactions except for cosmetic ones, d....
18:57 Jan-17-2019
Can I run 60 FPS on High or Ultra? Do I really need an upgrade to 16 GB ram to be able to do that ?
18:54 Jan-17-2019
It was a joke don't worry, but knowing Nvidia they might make one now.
18:33 Jan-17-2019
Yeah, I mean, just crank up the price, less people will buy, the stock will last :)
18:29 Jan-17-2019
Of course. AAA publishers just want to develop the next quick cash-grab low effort live0service they can get away with. ....
18:12 Jan-17-2019
Can I run ? I can run Farcry 5 can i run this? Low settings of course!
18:12 Jan-17-2019