Need For Speed High Stakes packshot image
Need for Speed: High Stakes (also known as Need For Speed: Road Challenge in Europe and Brazil and Over Drivin' IV in Japan) is a 1999 racing video game, developed by Electronic Arts Canada and published by Electronic Arts. It is part of the Need for Speed series, once again featuring a host of exotic sport cars and tracks located in Western Europe and North America. It is notable in the Need for Speed franchise for being the first installment to include a damage model and a career mode where the player earns money by winning races and can spend it on more cars, upgrades, or repairs.
Need For Speed High Stakes Game Options
Need For Speed High Stakes Information
Publisher EA
Developer EA
Genres Sim, Racing
Single Player
Game Engine Information Required
Available on Information Required
Cloud Save / Sync
Mod Support
Customisable Controls
Gamepad Support
FPS Cap Unlocked
Ultrawide Support
Denuvo DRM

How to unlock Need For Speed High Stakes's frame rate cap

By default, Need For Speed High Stakes’s frame rate cap is unlocked, so there is nothing you need to do to unlock it.

Save Data Location for Need For Speed High Stakes

  • Need For Speed High Stakes Save Game Data is located in: <path-to-game>\SaveData
  • Need For Speed High Stakes Configuration Files are located in: <path-to-game>\SaveData

Graphics Settings for Need For Speed High Stakes

  • Car Chrome
  • Car Shading
  • Car Detail
  • Special Effects
  • Horizon
  • View Distance
  • Headlights
  • Fog
  • Lens Flare

Video Options for Need For Speed High Stakes

  • Screen Size
  • Widescreen

Audio Settings for Need For Speed High Stakes

  • Menu Music
  • Racing Music
  • Sound Effects
  • Engine Volume
  • Speech Volume
  • Music Type
  • Audio Mode
  • Racing Tune
  • Menu Tune

Accessibility Options Available in Need For Speed High Stakes

  • Rebindable Controls
  • Gamepad Support
  • Vibration
  • Language