BPM: Bullets Per Minute 1440p Ultra Custom PC Build Review

Prices and hardware reviewed and updated: 24th Sep 2021

This is a hand selected custom PC component build that will answer your question of, what PC should I buy next to play BPM: Bullets Per Minute on. One that has the right gaming hardware to enjoy a great BPM: Bullets Per Minute experience. Our mission is a top end gaming solution for this game with the highest ultra graphics, along with a 1440p monitor resolution. These hardware items found in our build will continue to have their prices checked and components will be swapped in and out as we feel better hardware for our build is released.

Before getting this build together we need to consider a few background characteristics about the game we are building this PC for. BPM: Bullets Per Minute falls into the , Action, Adventure genre category groupings and would have been finished being developed during 2020 on hardware released around that period of time which may be a factor when we choose the type of hardware as it would need to be comparable in performance to hardware available from around this time. The game is currently one of the more demanding titles we have on the site, and is found on our most demanding list at the 1 spot. While these facts help us put together the best PC for the game we will still be selecting components based on the latest prices for the chosen peripherals and hardware for our build. Choosing today’s best priced items to give us an ideal PC build today for the game.

Best 1440p Price to Performance BPM: Bullets Per Minute PC Hardware Component List

Component Current Price
Graphics Card
Patriot Viper Steel Series 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz
ASRock Intel B365 ATX LGA1151
Fractal Design Focus G Mid Tower White Side Window ATX
EVGA 850W Bq 80+ Bronze
SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB
Acer 21.5 inch LED 5ms
Redragon K552
IBats X8 gray 9 Btns
Corsair HS45-7.1 Surround
BPM: Bullets Per Minute PC Build Total Price $1,150.50
Future 0 YEARS Proof
This PC build has recently gone down in price by $2,334.85, was previously $3,485.35.

Choosing A Graphics Card For Our 1440p BPM: Bullets Per Minute PC Build

We want a punchy GPU for this build and the Radeon RX 5700 XT MSI Evoke OC 8GB is currently priced at a competitive $397.99. Checking our records our lowest tracked price for this card was on 6th Dec 2019 which had it priced at $376.05.. This PC graphics hardware selection is a nice price to performance option when looking to run BPM: Bullets Per Minute at 1440p ultra graphics. We expect to see some good FPS from this card at these specs. As a point of interest this graphics card has increased its price by $9.91 over the past two weeks.

Selecting The Right BPM: Bullets Per Minute 1440p Motherboard and CPU

We have selected a ASRock Intel B365 ATX LGA1151 motherboard to allow us to then go on and add a great cpu for this BPM: Bullets Per Minute build. With a LGA 1151 socket type motherboard we choose the well priced Core i5-9400F 6-Core 2.9GHz, which is at the best price to performance for processors in this range at the moment. Currently priced at a competitive $167.87 this cpu is a good performance addition for our build. A good reference point is, a low price for this processor was spotted on 16th Mar 2020 where we saw it for $119.99.

Today the ASRock Intel B365 ATX LGA1151 competitively costs $72.99, which provides it a place in our build today. The cheapest motherboard price for the ASRock Intel B365 ATX LGA1151 was recorded as $59.99, which was on 4th Apr 2020.

How To Choose The Best RAM For BPM: Bullets Per Minute At The Right Price

System Memory is a significant part of any gaming computer. The build today finds the Patriot Viper Steel Series 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz to be the best price to performance RAM solution for our BPM: Bullets Per Minute PC. At last reckoning we priced it up at $42.99, which is a cheap price for this amount of RAM. There are of course other options and configurations of system memory you might like to consider in your build. To provide a RAM pricing benchmark the lowest recorded price we have for the Patriot Viper Steel Series 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz is $30.35 on 29th Nov 2019.

PC Performance Review at 1440p Ultra Settings on BPM: Bullets Per Minute

We reckon these hardware components in our PC build will get 64 FPS at high settings in game and you could improve the graphics up to Ultra and see a FPS of 46 at 1440p.

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BPM: Bullets Per Minute
Radeon RX 5700 XT MSI Evoke OC 8GB

Other Popular Game 1440p Ultra Custom PC Builds

At some point you might want to increase your screen size from 1440p to 4k. BPM: Bullets Per Minute running with this hardware on the larger screen resolution would return 27 FPS at Ultra graphics setting or possibly up to an average of 38 FPS on High settings.

How this build performs for other popular games

It’s worth taking into consideration how our BPM: Bullets Per Minute PC build handles other games. We’ll do this by looking at the current popular titles Days Gone, Far Cry 6 and Battlefield 2042. Starting with Days Gone we can see that at 1440p we are likely to see 46FPS on Ultra and 64FPS on High graphics settings. Alternatively we see Far Cry 6 likely to achieve 46FPS on Ultra and 64FPS when reduced to High. Finally with Battlefield 2042 at Ultra setting we can expect 46 FPS, raising to 64 FPS on High graphics settings.

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An Alternative BPM: Bullets Per Minute Graphics Card Option for 1440p

Perhaps you are after a Nvidia graphics card rather than the one we have added to this build. If so we would suggest the similar performing GeForce RTX 2070 Asus Dual Advanced 8GB, which has a 4% worse performance variation, but is still a suitable video card choice for this game. We have also considered the best value for performance based on today’s prices, with it costing $379.99 at the moment.