Prison Simulator: Prologue 1080p Ultra Custom PC Build Review

Prices and hardware reviewed and updated: 14th Aug 2021

What is the best PC to buy for Prison Simulator: Prologue? This is where our curated PC build coverage today will find us listing out today’s best priced computer hardware and peripherals to meet the demands that a game like Prison Simulator: Prologue might put on the gaming PC. In doing this we keep in mind our need to deliver the game reliably with the highest ultra graphics, running 1080p as the native screen size. The hardware selection should give us all a good jumping off point when considering what might prove a good build and price for a PC to run Prison Simulator: Prologue. We will update prices here as they change and switch out components as new, better hardware is released.

When building a PC for a particular type of game we can get a better picture when we consider a few of the game’s specific characteristics. This PC title falls into the following , RPG, Sim, Adventure genre grouping categories, which has been considered when selecting out the best priced components for this build, as we want to make sure the game’s specifics are catered for. . Another point of note, often overlooked, is that development would have been carried out on PC hardware from 2021 or during the period leading up to this. So the developers would have certainly been considering getting their game running for hardware that was of similar performance to some of the hardware available during that year. Some games are of course more demanding than others, and this one is sat in 1 position in our most demanding games list right now. These points help us paint a picture of the type of PC hardware we are going to put into this computer, we will now be choosing from our curated list of gamer hardware, looking for today’s best value for money parts available on the market today.

Best 1080p Price to Performance Prison Simulator: Prologue PC Hardware Component List

Component Current Price
Graphics Card
Patriot Viper Steel Series 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz
EVGA X299 Micro Intel mATX LGA2066
Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 mATX
EVGA 850W Bq 80+ Bronze
SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB
Acer 21.5 inch LED 5ms
Razer Ornata Chroma
IBats X8 gray 9 Btns
Corsair HS45-7.1 Surround
Prison Simulator: Prologue PC Build Total Price $1,807.97
Future 0 YEARS Proof
This PC build has recently gone down in price by $222.32, was previously $2,030.29.

Choosing A Graphics Card For Our 1080p Prison Simulator: Prologue PC Build

When putting this sort of PC together we want great value for money but a machine that can deliver solid FPS on Prison Simulator: Prologue at 1080p ultra graphics. We have selected the GeForce GTX 1660 Asus Phoenix 6GB today as a well placed option. The price for this card today is $219.99 which really helped mark it as a good fit.Checking our records our lowest tracked price for this card was on 31st Jan 2020 which had it priced at $219.99.

Prison Simulator: Prologue needs 4GB of VRAM to suitably store adequate amounts of image data during transfer between video card and processor. Our GeForce GTX 1660 Asus Phoenix 6GB graphics card has 6GB which will be suitable for this resolution of gaming.

Selecting The Right Prison Simulator: Prologue 1080p Motherboard and CPU

Finding a well priced motherboard, like the one we are putting in our build today really helps tie things together in terms of performance and opens up other hardware options that become available to us later in the selection. The EVGA X299 Micro Intel mATX LGA2066 motherboard is at a great price point and lets us select our desired Socket 2066 cpu. As the GeForce GTX 1660 Asus Phoenix 6GB wants a suitable good pairing when looking to run Prison Simulator: Prologue well at this resolution. The Core i9-9940X 14-Core 3.3GHz is currently priced at a competitive $798.93. Bottom prices recorded for this CPU was when we saw it at $499.99, which we noticed it on 19th Dec 2020.

The EVGA X299 Micro Intel mATX LGA2066 motherboard has a cost today of $238.4 that helps find it a place in today’s Prison Simulator: Prologue build. To help give some depth to the price points for this motherboard, the EVGA X299 Micro Intel mATX LGA2066 was priced at $179.99 on 22nd Jan 2020.

How To Choose The Best RAM For Prison Simulator: Prologue At The Right Price

This is part of the gamers 3 core hardware components. Our Prison Simulator: Prologue built PC will need a correct amount of RAM while being found for the best price today. We have found the Patriot Viper Steel Series 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz to be well priced at $42.99 and will complement the GeForce GTX 1660 Asus Phoenix 6GB and Core i9-9940X 14-Core 3.3GHz selections of our build, helping us to achieve the desired FPS at 1080p ultra settings. We looked through our records and saw that the RAM prices on 29th Nov 2019, represented a low price point $30.35. Which gives us an indication of how things sit today with the RAM price

PC Performance Review at 1080p Ultra Settings on Prison Simulator: Prologue

With this current build we expect to see a return of 61 frames per second at ultra 1080p resolution in Prison Simulator: Prologue. Adjust some of the graphics options and you could boost this up to 85 FPS for High graphics settings.

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Prison Simulator: Prologue
GeForce GTX 1660 Asus Phoenix 6GB

Other Popular Game 1080p Ultra Custom PC Builds

Having the option of larger screen resolutions in the future is a handy thing to consider. This gaming PC setup, running Prison Simulator: Prologue at 1440p would be pulling in about 65 FPS at High. We would expect that to drop again to 47 if you were playing it at 1440p Ultra.

How this build performs for other popular games

It’s worth taking into consideration how our Prison Simulator: Prologue PC build handles other games. We’ll do this by looking at the current popular titles Resident Evil 8, Far Cry 6 and Battlefield 2042. Starting with Resident Evil 8 we can see that at 1080p we are likely to see 61FPS on Ultra and 85FPS on High graphics settings. Alternatively we see Far Cry 6 likely to achieve 61FPS on Ultra and 85FPS when reduced to High. Finally with Battlefield 2042 at Ultra setting we can expect 61 FPS, raising to 85 FPS on High graphics settings.

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An Alternative Prison Simulator: Prologue Graphics Card Option for 1080p

Not everyone is a fan of team Nvidia, so if you are after a GPU from the other side then perhaps take a look at our suggested AMD card, the Radeon RX 580 XFX GTR XXX 8GB. It is placed at 4% worse performance difference and certainly capable of delivering up Prison Simulator: Prologue frames on a par with our primary GPU selection. We have also selected it based on its price today, which finds it at $164.99.