Mirrors Edge packshot image
In a city where information is heavily monitored, agile couriers called runners carry sensitive information on foot via the rooftops and skyways. Usually the police leave them alone - they have bigger fish to fry - but now something has changed...
Play as Faith, the best and most agile of all runners, in an adrenaline-fuelled race to save her sister's life as she unveils a bigger plot involving the whole city and the runners. Mirror's Edge is an action-adventure game that revolutionizes the genre by introducing a full body experience with dynamic 1st person movement and combat, in an immersive modern-day universe and with a socially charged storyline.
Mirrors Edge Game Options
Mirrors Edge Information
Publisher EA
Developer Dice
Genres Shooter, Stealth
Single Player
Game Engine Information Required
Available on Information Required
Cloud Save / Sync
Mod Support
Customisable Controls
Gamepad Support
FPS Cap Unlocked
Ultrawide Support
Denuvo DRM

How to unlock Mirrors Edge's frame rate cap

By default, Mirrors Edge’s frame rate cap is unlocked, so there is nothing you need to do to unlock it.

Save Data Location for Mirrors Edge

  • Mirrors Edge Save Game Data is located in: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\EA Games\Mirror's Edge\TdGame\SaveFiles
  • Mirrors Edge Configuration Files are located in: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\EA Games\Mirror's Edge\TdGame\Config

Graphics Settings for Mirrors Edge

  • Texture Detail
  • Graphics Quality
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • PhysX Support

Video Options for Mirrors Edge

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Resolution
  • Vertical Sync

Audio Settings for Mirrors Edge

  • Master Volume
  • Music Volume
  • Dialogue Volume
  • Audio Device

Accessibility Options Available in Mirrors Edge

  • Rebindable Controls
  • Gamepad Support
  • Vibration
  • Look Sensitivity
  • Subtitles
  • Language