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In this action game, players assume the role of either Iron Man or his sidekick War Machine on a quest to retrieve stolen technology. Players navigate through enemy territory, advance a storyline, and battle an assortment of tanks, helicopters, armor-clad enemy soldiers, and giant robots. Players can use an assortment of advance weaponry (homing missiles, grenade launchers, shoulder-mounted Gatling guns, lasers, etc.) to shoot down and destroy enemy units.The game's Comic Con trailer showed that the Crimson Dynamo is set to appear as a villain. Both Iron Man and War Machine have been confirmed as playable characters. The Wii version will be developed by High Voltage Software and all console versions will be published by Sega. Don Cheadle and Samuel L. Jackson will voice their respective characters in the video games. The recent trailer revealed that A.I.M, Roxxon Energy Corporation, and Ultimo (depicted as Kearson DeWitt in a large armor) will be enemies in the game as well as reveal that the wearer of the Crimson Dynamo armor is General Valentin Shatalov.

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