Section 7: Into Arms Way System Requirements

NOTE - This game will not be released! Its announcement was an APRIL FOOLS joke by the Devs Players will be able to step-into the famed role of Alex Corde’s father, Dean Corde, approximately 30 years before the events of Section 8 and pioneer the galaxy with the newly formed Helldivers in this epic tale of heroism, betrayal, and sacrifice against an unknown evil. • Customize your appearance including facial structure, hair, clothing, and stylish add-ons • Manage your inventory like never before with over 3,000 slots for your loot • Play across an epic storyline with over 35 hours of gameplay* • Explore new planets such as New Berlin and visit old favorites such as Atlas and Earth • Battle in real-time or turn-based combat against formidable foes with over 100 unique frames of animation each • Engage in the highly innovative Dynamic Combat Situations (DCSs) that provide players the power to create their own side quests and rewards • Swoon your way to fame by participating in in-depth romance mini-games
How well optimised is Section 7: Into Arms Way for PC? 10
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Genres: Strategy , RPG , Management
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Section 7: Into Arms Way System Requirements

HDD Space

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15:02 Jul-07-2011

This was an April fools joke played by Timegate the developers of the Section 8 games.