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Console System Analysis for Painkiller: Overdose
Another Painkiller game, titled Painkiller: Overdose, was released for Windows on October 30, 2007 worldwide. Originally being developed by Mindware Studios from Czech Republic as a fan-made game mod, DreamCatcher granted the project full financial and technical support. In Overdose, the player takes the role of Belial, a half-angel, half-demon gatekeeper. The game contains 6 new weapons, 40 monster types and 16 new levels. The story is a spin-off and is said to tie wandering ends and provide a bridge between the original game and a potential sequel.[1] On October 17, 2007, the demo was released.[2] On October 23, 2007, DreamCatcher announced that the game had started shipping to retail stores.[3]The story is set just after Daniel kills Lucifer. The death of Hell's leader allows Belial, the prisoner and outcast, to escape and start his vendetta against those who imprisoned him: demonic beast Cerberus and Sammael, an angel who betrayed his own kind. Belial starts his journey with killing his prison warden (and later using his head as a weapon). After traveling through various hellish places and defeating countless demons he kills Cerberus and reaches Sammael's lair. There, Belial defeats the fallen angel and rips his wings off as an act of vengeance.

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