Toca Race Driver 2 System Requirements

TOCA Race Driver 2 (also called V8 Supercars 2) is a racing video game installment of the racing video game TOCA Touring Car series, released on Xbox and Windows in April 2004, with a PlayStation 2 version following six months later. Two PSP conversions were released in 2005 and 2006; the first being TOCA Race Driver 2 in Europe and Japan and the second being Race Driver 2006 in the US. The game continued to use a scripted career mode as introduced in the previous Race Driver game, but dropped the Ryan McKane character. Story-developing cutscenes were played out from a first-person perspective, with other characters never addressing the user by name (similar to the storytelling method of later Need for Speed titles).
How well optimised is Toca Race Driver 2 for PC? 10
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Genres: Sim
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Toca Race Driver 2 System Requirements

HDD Space

Toca Race Driver 2 PC Release Date:

16 Apr 2004

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