Spellcross: The Last Battle System Requirements

Spellcross belongs to category of turn-based games. The actual game is split into two levels - strategic and tactical. In the strategic part, the player decides on the most suitable territory for attack, the division of financial resources, the composition and reorganization of the army, and the direction of research. In the tactical part, the actual battle for within selected territory takes place. During the battle, each unit has a specific number of action points allocated with the player deciding their use for moving, attacking, or other special activities. In the game, the player is in the position of a commander of a small battle group of the Alliance, and his objective is to get to the top of hierarchy of command. The condition for achievement of this objective is successful fulfillment of the battle missions against the Other Side. Alliance can use armory and strength of the modern army vehicles, weapons and units while the Other Side uses magical power and creatures.
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Genres: Strategy
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Spellcross: The Last Battle System Requirements

HDD Space

Spellcross: The Last Battle PC Release Date:

1 Dec 1997

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One of the best TBS game of all time!